Photo Forum, an opportunity for photographers to exchange ideas
March 08 2020 12:52 AM
UNIQUE: The first of its kind forum has also arranged a photography bazaar, displaying and selling a
UNIQUE: The first of its kind forum has also arranged a photography bazaar, displaying and selling antique cameras and photography gadgets. Photos by Nasar K Moideen

Celebrated American photographer Aaron Siskind said,“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever. It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything,”
Photography as a hobby has been thriving across the world, especially with the availability of high quality cameras available in smart phones. It is an art to take a perfect photo. Many people may have an interest in photography but they still need to learn the basics of the skills.
The ‘Photo Forum’ organised at Building 18 of Katara yesterday offered a rare but much needed opportunity for the photography enthusiasts to learn and improve their skills to have the best shot. Organised in collaboration with the Youth Hobbies Center, the Photo Forum marked the Qatar Photography Day that will be observed every first Saturday of March annually.
The first of its kind, the forum attracted people associated with the photography industry, professional photographers, and the photography enthusiasts in large numbers. It was actually a sort of photography festival where the organisers arranged talks on different topics related to the field of photography both in Arabic and English. There was photo exhibition showcasing some amazing images captured by the talented photographers based in Qatar. The forum has also arranged what can be called a photography bazaar displaying and selling antique cameras and photography gadgets.
The topics that expert speakers covered in English were; architectural photography, how to prepare for photography trip, newborn photography fundamentals and the beauty of feathers – wildlife photography. There were many other topics that were covered in Arabic for the interested photographers.
Talking to Community, Fatima al-Emadi, manager of Photo Forum, expressed the idea behind the event and her enthusiasm for photography. “Today we have a big day for the photographers – Qatar Photography Day. This is for the very first time that we are celebrating the day here.
“The forum includes numerous side events. We have placed some antique cameras and we have also set up professional photo studios. We have many private companies sponsoring the event. Further, the speakers included experts on photography but from within and outside Qatar who are to speak on different subjects related to the photographer.”
She added: “The event is organised in collaboration with members of Youth Hobbies Centre. The idea of having the event also came from the members of the centre. We have decided to organise the Photo Forum every first Saturday of March every year. There is a team of 16 people, members of the forum, who have organised this first event.”
Speaking about the benefits of the forum for the photographers, Fatima said: “We have provided a platform for the photographers in Qatar to share, exchange and learn the knowledge and techniques related to the art. It is also an occasion to socialise and have networking. The member photographers can improve themselves and can learn more about the Youth Hobbies Centre in Qatar. The centre offers numerous activities all around the year.”
The centre aims to nurture and spread various hobbies in all fields, and work to improve them and provide appropriate conditions for their development through scientific, technical and educational methods and means, paving the way for the members of the center to practice these hobbies properly.
Jassim al-Tamimi, a passionate sports photographer, said: “This is very important event for photographers. It is important because it has brought together all the experienced and young photographers. The organisers have arranged lectures on different subjects related to photography by seasoned photographers. Though, it is taking place for the first time, it has already shown the signs of being popular among the community of photographers. It is good that the event is going to be an annual feature.
“in any case, the forum is useful for both the professional and beginners. The tips shared by the experienced people and interaction among the individuals experts in different fields of photography are going to be beneficial for the community. As one practice photography, he or she needs someone’s guidance to improve upon.” 

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