Italian pianist captivates audience with therapeutic music at Katara
February 16 2020 12:21 AM
MAESTRO: Alessandro’s compositions are the expression of a musical sensibility which originates from
MAESTRO: Alessandro’s compositions are the expression of a musical sensibility which originates from the classical tradition and contemporary elements.

The lovers of classical western music have always recognised that there is a trinity between the mind, the body, and the therapeutic qualities of music. And the piano, specifically, has been a long-recognised source of remedy for those seeking escape and creative expression.
In recent years, there has also been a wealth of scientific studies that demonstrate the human instincts have always been correct. Playing the piano offers proven benefits – from physical and intellectual to social and emotional – to people of all ages.
A demonstration of piano magic was recently witnessed by the music enthusiasts of Doha at the Opera House of Katara where a young Italian pianist and composer literally mesmerised the august audience. Twenty-seven- year old Alessandro Martire’s dexterity over piano was very much appreciated and enjoyed by the audience that included officials from Katara, the Italian embassy in Qatar, members of diplomatic community, and the Italian expatriates.
The quartet concert was organised by Katara— the Cultural Village in collaboration with the Italian embassy in Qatar with the focus on further enhance bilateral cultural ties. The 90-minute-long display of four instruments – violin, viola, cello and piano – kept the audience engrossed into the serene and melodious music.
The concert included some of the best compositions by young Alessandro. The compositions were namely; Truth, Shares the world, Lej, Dream Love, Static, Fell You, The New Millennium, Heart, Shadow of Desire, Breath, Bright Sky, Alone, Endless, Ena, Colorful Night, A turn of the page, and Graven Images.
Talking to the audience, the gifted composer thanked the Italian embassy and Katara for inviting him to Qatar. “This is my first time to Doha. This concert is a preview of my new album. I have really liked Qatar as place where there is immense attention on promotion of art and culture.”
Speaking on the occasion before the start of the concert, Alessandro Prunas, Ambassador of Italy to Qatar, said: “Welcome to the concert organised by the embassy of Italy and Katara —the Cultural Village, as part of the fruitful co-operation in the field of culture which is contributing to enhance the partnership between Italy and Qatar. Let me first thank for Dr Khalid al-Sulaiti, General Manager of Katara, for the excellent work done so far to enhance our bilateral cultural relations.
“Today the Opera House hosts the performance of a young Italian composer and pianist, a true talent of the new generation of Italian musicians. A generation of artistes who have lived and travelled around the world, mixing their culture with diverse cultures, traditions and people they have encountered abroad on their path. For this kind of composers and musicians, the inspiration is out there, hiding in what is new to their knowledge and soul.”
He added: “We are very proud that Alessandro has chosen Doha and this stage to perform tonight the preview of his latest album entitled Share the World, which has been deeply inspired by his travels and tours. Indeed, it aims at celebrating this new idea of humanity, where all people and nature are connected and care for each other, over borders and boundaries.
“Performing with Alessandro on the stage of Katara as a further testimony to the ongoing artistic exchange and contamination, I am pleased to present the Mosaic String Quartet, formed by members of the Qatar Philarmonic Orchestra: Mohamed Oweda (violin), Reem Khoury (violin), Islam Abd El Aziz (viola) and Hassan Moataz (cello).”
Alessandro studied piano and composition at Music Academy Genoa with Italian Teacher M Giusto Franco. In 2012, he had his first experience and studied at the Berklee College of Music. He also has a degree in International and Political Science from the University of Milan.
His compositions are the expression of a musical sensibility which originates from the classical tradition and contemporary elements using melodies and harmonies that are evocative and very catchy.
There is no definition for his music. One can call it New Age, classical crossover, contemporary, alternative and other such adjectives but in the end it always comes down to this: ‘Alessandro Martire plays Alessandro Martire music.’ His concert with original music has led him to perform in prestigious universities and theatres around the world. Through his music Alessandro connects in an intimate manner with his audience, tapping into their emotions, thoughts and dreams like an old friend.

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