Pakistani rock band Junoon to perform in Doha tomorrow
January 28 2020 10:22 PM
REUNITED: After 17 years, the reunited band is coming to Qatar to bring back the nostalgia and relive the magic of their smash hits.

It is very aptly said that the best antiques to collect are old friends. A reunion is always nostalgic and refreshing.
The recent reunion of internationally renowned Pakistani band Junoon, which literally translates into obsession or passion, has been getting positive vibes in the pop music scene. The music lovers in Doha, particularly the expatriates from South Asian countries, are anxiously looking forward to the band’s performance tomorrow – January 30.
After 17 long years, the reunited band is coming to Qatar to bring back the nostalgia and relive the magic of their smash hits. The ‘Sultans of Rock’ will rock the Doha stage once again through a live performance at the Qatar National Convention Centre starting at 7:30pm. 
The concert, ‘PK Music Fest Season II’, is presented by Rahmodus as part of Shop Qatar, with the support of Q-Tickets. Tickets are priced at QR500 (premium), 350 (fan zone), 100 (silver) and 60 (bronze). The tickets can be bought now at
A pre-event meet and greet with the band members has been planned by the organisers at Mondrian Doha at 7pm today (Wednesday). The event will be an opportunity for the music enthusiasts to see and talk to the stalwarts of pop music in Pakistan.
This is not the first time the group will perform in Qatar. In 2003, the band won the hearts of the Doha crowd. This time, the band is headed for another full-house show as they enjoy a devoted fan base in the country, the organisers have said. 
Not only has the band earned the ‘South Asia’s most successful band’ recognition, but are also regarded as ‘One of the biggest rock bands in the world’ by Q Magazine and ‘The U2 of Pakistan’ by The New York Times.
When the band was formed in 1990, it was the brainchild of lead guitarist and songwriter Salman Ahmad. Ali Azmat, vocalist, and Brian O’Connell, bassist, completed the trio. As pioneers of Sufi rock, Junoon is one of the most influential bands of all time.
Some of their record-breaking hits include Sayonee, Saeein and Jazba-e-Junoon, among others. The band members, who hail from Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, and Tappan, New York (US), have released 19 albums and sold 30mn copies worldwide.
The band has made a comeback after a 13-year hiatus. They called it quits in 2005 after a whirlwind three decades of stardom.
Following their sold-out international concert tours since they were reunited in 2018, Qatar will witness, once more, Junoon’s intense musical chemistry that is as electrifying as their music.
The band’s loyalists, who call themselves ‘Junoonis’, are highly anticipating the grand comeback. Fans coming from the UK, the US, GCC and the subcontinent are all gearing for the reunion tour in Qatar.
Junoon achieved success during the early 1990s. Its members were signed to major record label EMI Records and afterwards released their self-titled debut album Junoon in 1991. After two years, the band recorded their second album Talaash (1993) with their new bassist Brian O’Connell after Nusrat Hussain left the band. The release of their second album began to create a cult following for the band.
In 1996, Junoon released their third album Inquilaab, and it was only then that Junoon developed a nationwide fan following, with blending rock guitars and bluesy vocals with eastern elements like the use of tablas, raga-inspired melodies, traditional Pakistani folk music, and eastern-inspired poetry. The following year, the band recorded the critically acclaimed Azadi (1997), being the band’s first international record deal, and making it Junoon’s debut album in neighbouring India.
The band went on to record and release Parvaaz in 1999. The band found renewed success and popularity starting with 2001’s Andaz and through 2003’s Dewaar and their supporting tours. Junoon celebrated their 25th anniversary by releasing their eighth studio album titled Door in 2016.

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