Entrepreneur: finding solution for someone’s problem efficiently
January 20 2020 09:33 PM

Qatar is a country with lots of opportunities for talented and skillful individuals. The country has provided a promising future to numerous individuals who take their chances and work tirelessly. Dr Tejinder Singh, founder and MD of QTickets, is one such individual who is a ‘serial entrepreneur.’ He believes in the policy that someone’s problem is an opportunity for an entrepreneur. Dr Singh, who has been in Qatar for over 13 years, recently spoke to Community regarding his professional achievements and headway in Qatar.
Before moving to Qatar, Dr Singh had successfully launched four start-ups in India. “I started a call centre – Sparsh – that was the first Indian call centre to be registered with Mumbai stock exchange. When I came to Qatar 13 years ago, I started working with call centres as it had expertise to work for E-BPO (Electronic Business Process Optimisation). THE BPOs I have worked with are established brands in the Middle East. After that, I started different digital assets. I founded Q-Tickets. I have worked with projects related to Wi-Fi monetisation.”
Dr Tejinder and his team are working to get involved into the entertainment world and event management. “Q-Tickets has become a large e-commerce platform in Qatar today where maximum numbers of third party transactions are made in the entertainment industry. Now, we are focusing more on entertainment. Gradually, we are making Q-Tickets an entertainment company. We are going to introduce kids playing areas and playing concepts like 360play, a new brand that we launched last year. The brand is based on entertainment perspectives. We want to include all entertainment segments and genres in Qatar.”
Q-Tickets has started organising events in the country. “We have got involved in the event management. Our first event was a stage play Mughal-e-Azam. It was a huge event with a grand show – the largest Indian Broadway. There were 125 people in the crew and the play was staged for two consecutive days. It was house full. Our second event is going to be the musical concert of Sonu Nigam. We are bringing the famed Indian singer on popular demand. Nigam is the singer whose songs have equally been popular from mid 1990s till today. We are going to organise the concert at Asia Town to accommodate more people. In future, we will try to bring in the entertainment events that either the people have not seen or they want to see again and again.”
Being a serial entrepreneur, Dr Singh has been trying to materialise the business ideas that are required or demanded in Qatar. “I do not want to do what I can. Rather, I work on the ideas that are high on demand in Qatar. I have been trying to pay back to Qatar. Our company is going to get involved in sports and media management.”
Dr Tejinder who started Q-Tickets in 2013 actually identified a problem and converted it into an opportunity. “Entrepreneurs have a bread line. We always feel that somebody’s problem is our opportunity. When I moved to Qatar, I used to go to the cinema every week. I used to face different kinds of issues in obtaining timely tickets for suitable seats. Similar issues I faced with different events. I thought to myself: “Let’s come out with a solution. That is where Q-Tickets was born.”
“We started with one cinema. After that we never looked back,” he added.
According to the successful entrepreneur, Q-Tickets has now become more of an information portal. “On weekend, people want to have some entertainment, they invariably visit Q-Tickets. People have lots of choice at the portal. We have given the people a choice on their mobiles.”
Dr Singh has noticed that different segments of population in Qatar have different entertainment needs. “We are working to bring in specific entertainment events for certain segments of society. We have targeted expatriates from Western and Arab countries. We also have been collaborating with different event organisers.
“In the recent future what I want to see is more quality in the entertainment market. We need to raise the entertainment level in Qatar. We are trying to contribute towards that,” adds Dr Singh, “We want people to come to Qatar. We are working to promote T-10 cricket. I fully appreciate the efforts of Qatar National Tourism Council and different sport federations.”

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