Exhibition by Italian artist: basic shapes with popping colours
January 19 2020 09:38 PM
ARTISTS: Luigi Ballarin, artist, left, with Beste Gursu, curator. Photo by Jayan Orma

The strength of the narrative power of the art of Luigi Ballarin, an Italian artist, comes from a sincere, internal, unifying and intriguing method. The expressions of the artist constitute a gravitational force. It is possible to understand that every figure, every brush stroke and every colour are reflected boldly and literally on the canvas much beyond the contemporary orientalism ecole and orientalist artistic notion. An exhibition featuring Luigi Ballarin’s artworks ‘Magnificent Cultures’ was recently opened at Building 18 of Katara.
The art appreciators and lovers attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition in large numbers and praised the artistic style and selected subjects portrayed by the artist.
The knowledge, experience and teachings he gained while building a bridge between the East and the West emerge transparently and show us the rich culture of the East, which dominated his life and art with great admiration. 
The Venetian artist lives in Istanbul. He is invited by the Embassy of Italy in Qatar to exhibit his attention-grabbing artistry here for the first time. “It is really amazing to display my work here at Katara, a place full of culture and art. I have travelled a lot. I have decided to live in Istanbul, the right balance between the East and the West. I am displaying 34 art pieces in the exhibition. I have arranged the exhibition in collaboration with Beste Gursu, the curator.”
Explaining his technique, the 68-year-old artist said, “I primarily use acrylic colours. I do not use brush. I use plastic dough. You can feel my paintings with your hands. I cannot use oil colours. My technique has many passages to do. Some people call me pop artist because my works are very colourful.”
When it comes to Luigi’s subject matter that he has dealt with in the exhibition, he said, “I am very spiritual in these works. Some pieces of mine talk about Mecca and people going to pray.
“I have also highlighted Arabian horses, carpets and some other pieces that showcase the rich Eastern culture. It is a big exhibition for me and I have been preparing for it for about one year.”
The Italian artist who just started painting out of sheer interest in art has displayed his works in different countries in Europe and the Middle East. “I always liked to paint. I have worked in tourism industry. I left the job – when I was 40-year-old – to pursue my passion in paintings.
“It gives me real satisfaction. Nothing else pushes me to paint. I feel free when I paint because I do not come from a certain school of art. I express my emotions. I can do whatever I like.”
He further added, “This is my first visit to Qatar. I have found the place very amazing. It is full of culture and energy. I see the people are very smart when it comes to promoting art and culture.”
Alessandro Prunas, Ambassador of Italy, said: “I am very happy to inaugurate this exhibition by the Venetian artist who literally represents a bridge between the cultures. He has travelled very well in the region. His works obviously have been inspired by the cultures of the Middle East.
“Venetians have been known as travellers. Similarly, he has taken inspiration from places that he has seen. I think his work is really beautiful and it really encourages people to visit the exhibition once again.
“What I like in his creativity is the simplicity that makes through the richness of colours. Very simple shapes but beautifully painted with a very nice combination of colurs. This is what I like about his work. I would also like express my thanks to Katara for hosting us. I am looking forward to having more and more exhibitions here.”

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