Amir’s speech a clarion call to world leaders
December 15 2019 11:19 PM

His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani’s brilliant and forceful speech at the inaugural session of the Doha Forum 2019 on Saturday serves as a timely reminder to global leaders gathered in Qatar for the event, and those further afield, to adopt co-ordinated measures with a shared vision to tackle the various problems facing an increasingly multipolar world.
Addressing a large number of world leaders, nearly 3,000 participants and over 250 speakers from around the globe, who have gathered in the Qatari capital, the Amir’s speech, which identified the problems and crises facing the world, was an exhortation to chart a course to achieve world peace and the combined interests of mankind.
The Amir asserted that Qatar has done its bit by contributing to the peaceful resolution of disputes around the world, as it undertakes an effort to spread education around the world, and it was now up to the major powers.
The Amir told the forum participants that although Qatar has played an important part in resolving international and regional conflicts, its role was not limited to mediation in resolving crises, but rather providing an important platform by hosting various “dialogue conferences”.
In this respect, Doha Forum 2019, like its previous editions, assumes huge significance, especially given the current global situation. The forum provides an ideal platform for constructive dialogue and the exchange of ideas and opinions in light of the critical regional and international developments.
Dwelling on the theme “Reimagining Governance in a Multipolar World”, the Amir underlined that the current crises require intensifying sincere efforts in developing new scenarios for the next stage, especially as the consequences of abandoning international legitimacy and law have cropped up in more than one place. The Amir said: “The problems and challenges have remained in place as they are and the environment and climate problems are exacerbating, and the issue of chronic poverty in vast areas across the world has not been solved; likewise the issue of occupation and annexation of others land by force.”
The Amir reminded the audience that there is a close co-relation between poverty, wars and the aggravation of asylum and immigration issues. Armed militias have taken advantage from axes conflicts and the process of holding war criminals accountable has become complex. He underlined that these problems cannot be solved without co-ordinated international efforts and a shared vision. So is the issue of violent extremism which is not restricted to a religion or a race, and which is indiscriminate in targeting the innocent, and making no distinction based on gender, racial or religious grounds.
The Amir not only provided an accurate diagnosis of international crises in a world that has become more polarised and tense, but also gave a one-word prescription to resolve all intractable issues - DIALOGUE.
The Amir underlined Qatar’s keenness on keeping the lines of dialogue and communication platforms effective and open in order to exchange views and arrive at solutions to problems.
That the significance of the Amir’s voice of reason was not lost on anyone was evident from the fact that his views resonated with those gathered at the forum.
The Amir won a loud applause for putting his finger on it.
Perhaps none other than the nonagenarian Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamed, whom the Amir honoured at the forum, summed up the assessment of those gathered at the event, when he said Qatar is on the right track in identifying the current developments in the world, and the forum presents a great opportunity for experts from around the world to come up with best solutions to the current challenges.

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