‘Face everything in life with your chin up’
September 14 2019 09:54 PM

Life is not a bed of roses. It is up to you how you face the hardships of life. You can either face it with your chin up or chin down. 
This was the crux of a talk that Community recently had with an inspirational and motivational speaker, who has been training and coaching professionals and work forces of noted companies around the world.
Malik Nasir Nawaz, a Pakistani expatriate who recently moved to Qatar, is the CEO of MN Learning Solutions. He is a motivation trainer, business etiquette developer, stress/anger management and time management trainer.
Starting his professional career from Bank of America in United States, he worked in different financial institutions before joining Toyota Capital Motors as the general manager sales in Pakistan in 1996. He remained associated with hospitality industry in Pakistan for 14 years in different capacities. He is a core member of Industry Advisory Group of National Vocational and Technical Education Commission Pakistan (NAVTEC).
Nasir’s wife is a doctor and expert in public health. “I moved to Qatar after my wife got an opportunity to work with the Ministry of Public Health in Qatar. I am very happy to be here. I have been training the personnel of different local and international companies in Doha.”
The motivational speaker, who has two twin teenage sons, has gone through thick and thin in his life. “I had to return to Karachi from US, where I was having the best time of my life, after a family tragedy. I had to suffer a fatal liver disease that even left my doctors hopeless. My wife had some medical problems when the twins were born. I went through all this with perseverance and resilience only because of my strong faith in Allah. I always thought all of this is from Him and I have to experience it with my chin up.”
Nasir provided trainings to different companies in Pakistan, mainly in the hospitality sector. Working with a well-known chain of five star hotels, he visited different countries to train executive managers. “I am among the few civilians who have trained the personnel of the Pakistan army in different areas. Later in 2014, I decided to form my own company. I started offering programmes such as leadership skills, stress management, leader versus manager, communication skills, work-life balance, team building and basics of customer services.
“The difference between me and a typical training company is that I customise the training courses accordingly. I interact with the top executive of a company about what they actually want and then I customise the course.”
Nasir also entertains individuals who approach him to address their personal issues. “People come to me. I advise them through my experience about how they should manage their stress or anger. One such example is that some six months ago, I received an e-mail from a woman in Lahore. She was the only bread earner of her family, three sisters and a mother. She had to quit her job because of harassment at workplace. Through counseling, I convinced her that she took the right decision to quit the job. I pulled her up and she got her confidence back and said to me that she would face the challenge with courage.”
Nasir has been in Qatar for over a year. He has been going back to Pakistan to trained companies. “Soon I will go to train staff of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital Peshawar. It is my bread and butter but also I think at the same time that it is Sadaqa-e-Jaria (continuous charity). If I know something that can help others, I will share it for the benefit of the people.
“As for Qatar, it is a happening place. I have found Qataris the most friendly and educated people in the Gulf region. The good part that I liked the most about Qatar is that they are very much focused on women empowerment. It is very good for the next generation.”
The motivational speaker urged the people to love whatever they do. “Whatever your job or business is, just love it and enjoy it. That will make you keep going. Enjoy every moment of your life in the best possible way.”

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