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September 11 2019 11:00 PM
By Ghanim al-Sulaiti
By Ghanim al-Sulaiti

By Ghanim al-Sulaiti

Eating certain vegan foods can ensure that you are feeding your skin with vital nutrients, that will naturally achieve better skin results than any manufactured skin product could. Fact: a natural ingredient will almost always be more powerful (in the longer term) than any quick fix a bottle-of-something will offer you. 
Marketplaces, department stores and designer brands around the world are flooded with face creams and products promising the consumer the same ambitious pledge: to improve the skin — but in reality the fruits and vegetables can often be far more effective. In fact, the powerful antioxidants in these foods can help protect skin from the cellular damage. As older cells are constantly shed and replaced by new cells, a continuous supply of key nutrients is essential to support the rapid growth, and ‘changing faces’ of your skin. 
If someone asked me what I consider the ‘number one’ plant-based food or ingredient for a better skin, it’s turmeric. For almost three years, it has been a vital part of my diet. Whether I’m drinking it, applying it on my skin in the form of oil, or using it in my recipes. Turmeric is full of antioxidants, and its beta carotene component gives the skin an instant boost of vitamins which can result in making your skin more vibrant. 
Another effective, proven Vegan solution is the combination of cucumber and celery (perhaps as a juice) as the enzymes and astringent properties in both help reduce inflammation and tighten the skin. Cucumber hydrates the skin which in turn brings it back to its natural colour in areas that may be showing tiredness, giving an overall fresher, healthier appearance — especially to the area around our eyes. 
Apples, kiwis and ginger will boost the health of the skin surrounding your nose, specifically your pores — which thrive on vegan foods.
On the other side, the worst food culprit when it comes to skin issues — acne in particular — is dairy. Studies have shown that removing dairy from a person’s diet improves their acne and skin quality. In fact the majority of people who try to remove dairy from their diet for one month report seeing a significant acne improvement over the course of just four weeks. For a clear face, try introducing food with probiotics, or begin drinking fermented-based juices. Consuming fast-food tends to deteriorate the skin quality on your chin. A fast way to heal this sensitive area of the face is to introduce clean proteins into your diet, such as nuts and beans. 
When you’re considering remedies for skin or hair, try to be more inspired by nature and simplicity. In Indian culture they use plants to heal sickness and fight diseases. In Morocco, locals use natural Argon and oils from olive trees to make an oil for the face and hair. No chemicals. No additives. Just nature in its purest, most effective form. 
What are your natural skincare tips? 

The author is an expert in vegan wellbeing and health.
Instagram handle: @Ghanim92 

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