Eating Green on the Go
July 18 2019 12:12 AM
By Ghanim al-Sulaiti
Ghanim al-Sulaiti

By Ghanim al-Sulaiti

Eating on the go is often inevitable. In our fast paced environment, food can sometimes be left to being the ‘unimportant’ part of the day, and many of us who do snack during the daytime struggle to maintain healthy eating habits and instead opt to eat anything — which isn’t beneficial for our bodies, and harmful in the long-term.
Normally, after your body burns through the food you’ve ingested, the body reacts by slowing down, which can lead to tiredness, and an inability to concentrate. Grabbing food on the go, especially in between major meals (breakfast and dinner) helps keep your energy levels up and prevents the onset of tiredness which affects your productivity and can even make the day seem longer.
But what you’re eating matters.
When you imagine ‘grabbing’ food, it’s often hard to think of examples of ‘green’ options — specifically vegan, healthy foods that will enrich your health, rather than simply satisfy your hunger. In Qatar, I noticed how many of us seek out food on the go, but the options are very limited if you are trying to maintain a healthy diet.
This week I launched a new business here in Qatar to change how we as consumers can eat green while on the go. It’s launch is significant as it’s the only plant-based, truly healthy food concept dedicated and designed purely to fit around our hectic lifestyles — the goal for me was always clear: to be able to grab GREEN food, and GO.
Another area of food on the go that is often left unchanged, even by the largest of food corporations, is the packaging. At many on-the-go food places, takeaway boxes that are in your hands for just 10 minutes can end in the ocean forever. Furthermore, I’ve written in depth before about how single use plastics are a real concern for the planet. It comes down to the use and throwaway nature of items in our rushes society which ultimately means millions of tons of plastic waste are created, and much of this enters our waters and oceans.
As consumers, we can play a significant role in reducing the environmental impacts of on-the-go food packaging by choosing on-the-go food options which use sustainable packaging. This is extremely important, more important than ever before, I would argue — given the ‘climate emergency’ the planet is now facing. At my newly launched on-the-go food concept, everything is wrapped, packaged or sealed in 100% compostable, sustainable packaging made right here in Doha by my sustainable packaging solutions company. Like the food, its 100% guilt free, and while some of the products may look like they have plastic — it’s actually corn starch, which is also plant based. ‘Plastic’ isn’t something we ever consider, and I hope more companies adopt this mind-set soon.
Tell me your eating GREEN on the GO stories by reaching out to my Instagram account.

* The author is an expert in vegan wellbeing and health. Instagram handle: @Ghanim92

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