Delivering the promise of digital transformation
March 19 2019 11:46 PM
Diego Camberos

By Diego Camberos Chief Operating Officer/Vodafone Qatar

In the right hands, digital transformation can modify existing business processes, culture, and customer experiences for the better. It can enable companies to adapt to meet changing business and market requirements.
It is clear that boards and leadership teams are spending a lot in the race to digitise their operations. A recent report by the International Data Corporation (IDC) has found that worldwide spending on digital transformation will reach nearly $2tn in 2022 as organisations commit to doing so. 
But committing resources and management time is only part of the puzzle. To be sure of success, companies need more than new systems, processes, hardware and technologies; they require a digital-first mindset across every aspect of their business and across the full spectrum of operational realities. 
At Vodafone, we’re seeing successful digital transformation take shape daily – by working with innovators and pioneers that are building the smart cities springing up around the country including Lusail and Msheireb, through to those organisations upending more established industries from construction to logistics through the rapid deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and more. 
We have a unique vantage point across many of the most dynamic and ambitious industry sectors not only here in Qatar but from around the world.
This means we have an unparalleled insight into the common factors that shape businesses’ ability to successfully transform their operations.
Firstly, such businesses have a systematic basis to enact cultural and technological changes and manage evolving business conditions. They are building on a structured plan that is owned and driven from the top of the organisation down – one which provides a framework to shift decision-making from being knee-jerk and reactionary to proactively shaping their organisational agenda.
Secondly, a digital approach sits at the core of such businesses’ strategy. They are considering the true potential of transformation at all levels – from streamlining a wide range of processes, enhancing interaction with customers and employees and continuously improving the customer experience with decisions backed by strong customer insights and data. 
Thirdly, they have a clear implementation strategy for digital transformation. They have tangible and measurable deliverables with clear timelines and accountabilities agreed at the leadership level. This is vitally important given the risks that investment can be ad hoc and non-specific. According to consultants Gartner, more than 125,000 enterprises globally launched digital initiatives in 2016 expecting to increase their revenue by more than 80% by 2020. However, elsewhere Forrester suggests that only 27% of businesses have a coherent digital strategy. 
Fourthly, they’re applying digital transforming across their entire business and right the way through the value chain – improving operations across every department and function, including centralised teams such as finance and human resources. Every corner of the business and every team is facing up to the need to reimagine their operations. This is not simply ‘someone else’s problem.’ These businesses are maximising efficiency whilst attaining standards of excellence in terms of delivery and customer satisfaction.
By working shoulder to shoulder with many of the country’s most significant organisations and entities, we intimately understand the power and potential of technological innovation and disruption. Our business exists to help connect the ideas of today with the technologies of tomorrow. We enable pioneers and innovators to reimagine a better future, continuing the disruption of industries for growth and sustainability. Innovation is in our DNA and runs through all that we do. 
In pursuit of these aims, later this month we will once again gather together a range of future-focused businesses to build on our network infrastructure and develop applications, digital services, products and solutions. Our annual Innovation Day event will provide privileged access to the latest digital trends and technologies that have the potential to transform industries and sectors for the better. 
All this comes as part of our commitment to turn Qatar into one of the world’s most advanced and digitally connected countries. Now more than ever, we’re accelerating Qatar’s progress and helping growing numbers of businesses to automate, optimise and innovate. The future is exciting, and we’re committed to be there every step of the way.

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