HBKU programme equips students to be legal experts
December 11 2018 01:50 AM
Dr Damilola S Olawuyi receiving the award.

By Joseph Varghese /Staff Reporter

Entrepreneurship Law, an experiential course, offered by the College of Law & Public Policy (CLPP) at Hamada Bin Khalifa University (HBKU), aims to expose students to laws, methods and theories that underlie entrepreneurship and corporate restructuring of innovation-driven ventures, said an official of the college. 
“The course emphasises operational strategies, capitalisation techniques, contract negotiation, and drafting components found in typical multinational corporations, while also illustrating the role of law in the reorganisation of business entities experiencing financial distress,” said Dr Damilola S Olawuyi, associate professor at CLPP. 
The college recently won the LexisNexis Innovative Legal Teaching Programme Award at the 2018 Qatar 
Business Law Awards.
“We train leaders not just legal experts. We prepare our students to become problem solvers in transnational business, economic and financial spheres. This course is an important component of our Juris Doctor programme and is specifically tailored for any student that is, or planning to become an entrepreneur or founder of a start-up; an innovator or inventor of a new technology with the potential for commercial or social impact; a legal adviser, board member, or consultant of a of a start-up or large corporation. This course prepares our students to be ready from day one to make significant and sustained impact as business leaders in multiple convergent local and international markets,” explained Dr Olawuyi. 
The official said that the  course aims to train, prepare and mentor the next generation of entrepreneurs in Qatar. 
“By adopting a simulation based pedagogy, which involves real life interviews, contract drafting, negotiations, crisis management and intergovernmental relationships, students experience first-hand, the strategic thinking, analytical reasoning and problem solving aptitude that entrepreneurs and business leaders must possess in a global and fast paced business environment,” highlighted the official. 
“We are very delighted to have received this year’s LexisNexis Innovative Legal Teaching Programme Award at the 2018 Qatar Business Law Awards. It is an impressive accomplishment that the CLPP was recognised for ‘its strategic vision and innovation in designing this course Entrepreneurship Law: An Extended Simulation Course,” noted Dr Olawuyi.
“The programme also examines intellectual property claims and its implications for the success of a modern day venture. At the end of the course, students gain advanced knowledge on how to register new ventures, conduct commercial transactions, deal with loan and securities, as well as identify how corporations can restructure their operations in the context of debtor-creditor laws,” added the professor.

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