Workshop discusses efforts to establish barcode office in Doha
November 20 2018 01:06 AM


A workshop to discuss setting up a barcode office to help Qatari companies comply with international labelling standards for local and global markets and to provide information on the source, location and sales of their products was held in Doha.
It was organised by Qatar Development Bank (QDB) and Qatar Chamber with the support of the joint technical co-operation agency of the World Trade Organisation (WTO). 
Director General’s Assistant for Governmental and International Relations at Qatar Chamber, Ali Busherbak al-Mansouri, said that digital barcoding for products has become an important tool for developing trade and companies to reach new international markets through traditional distribution channels, as well as rapid inclusion of products in e-commerce platforms.
In his opening speech at the workshop, Busherbak added that Qatari companies are buying their digital code from GS1 offices in neighbouring countries or from GS1 headquarters in Brussels, stressing the need to launch a registered office in Qatar that meets the increasing requirements for safety and follow-up in international trade.
Executive Director of Export Development & Promotion Agency, Tasdeer, Hassan Khalifa Busherbak al-Mansoor said that the new global trading system is based on the organisation of trade transactions through the WTO, adding the reliance on information technology has increased to keep pace with developments and challenges, which is a priority for QDB in the next phase.
The QDB aims to expand the industrial base, increase Qatari exports and introduce advanced technology in the manufacturing and supply phases, he said.
Al-Mansoori highlighted the importance of Qatari exporters to keep abreast with the latest international technology to raise the quality of products, reduce costs and follow modern methods of commercial exchange and marketing.
He pointed out that digital barcode is one of the most important methods, where the product is defined by a code that is easy to trade globally and is a global requirement in export operations, especially for EU countries and the USA.
He explained that the QDB, in co-operation with Qatar Chamber, is organising a series of workshops on the advantages of having a digital barcode office in Doha, in addition to introducing its services and benefits to Qatari business owners.
The application of universal coding standards using barcodes provides a common working language and expands business opportunities.
Supply chain standards save time and cost by reducing risk, reducing paperwork management, raising supply chain efficiency and combating counterfeiting, and promoting the sharing of best practices.

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