Missing pet python reunited with Australian family after two months
November 05 2018 11:16 AM
Samantha Evins with Jamie, the python
Samantha with Jamie, the python. Photo: Facebook/Samantha Evins


A beloved pet carpet python has been found safe and well more than two months after it escaped from an Adelaide home in South Australia.
Jamie, the two-metre long Centralian carpet python, went missing in August when he slithered out through a hole in the window fly screen.
His owners Samantha Evins and her 18-year-old son Lachie spent days patrolling the streets. They had also distributed a "missing python" poster with the reptile's photo, describing Jamie as "docile and friendly."
Last week, the snake - which is native to Australia - was found lying in the sun in a neighbour's yard and was returned to its happy owners by snake catchers, Australian broadcaster ABC reported on Monday.
Evins said the family was reluctant to believe the python was their pet, since they had received numerous phone calls from people claiming to have found one.
"But he was curled up asleep in the sun on a neighbour's garden hose, which is quite funny because it's mating season so we were joking he probably thought he could get it on with the garden hose," she told ABC Radio on Monday. She said she smothered Jamie in "kisses and cuddles."
Evins said she was 100 per cent sure that the python is their beloved pet due to the "freckles on his face and certain parts of his body." "When you've been with your pet for over 10 years, you know all their markings," she said.
Jamie is a "member of the family" which "swims with us in the pool, he goes for walks with us," Evins told ABC radio in August. The carpet python, unlike many snakes in Australia, is not dangerous to humans. They are non-venomous and kill their prey by constricting. Their diet consists mostly includes small mammals and birds as well as lizards.

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