Katara initiative to give drinking water to birds
May 25 2018 12:06 AM

Katara – the Cultural Village Foundation has announced that it is offering specially made wooden boxes to the public free of cost, for providing drinking water to pigeons and other birds during summer.  Describing it as “rare”, Katara said in a statement that the initiative coincides with the holy month of Ramadan, the “month of kindness and mercy shown not only to human beings but also to animals and birds”.
Many Qatari households use traditional methods to give water to birds, especially pigeons, which are an essential part of the Qatari environment. “Now, for the first time in the country, an organisation such as Katara has come out to popularise this tradition and encourage people to take proper care of the living beings around them,” the statement explains.
Katara has prepared more than 1,000 wooden boxes for this purpose. The boxes, which can be installed in open areas and terraces of buildings, come attached with a glass plate to fill water and a plastic hose to collect water from a nearby tap. The hose has an automatic system to stop pumping when the glass plate is full with water. The wooden box is open from all sides, allowing birds to enter and sit on a piece of wood and quench their thirst.
“Through this initiative, Katara aims to revive a Prophetic tradition that encourages believers to show mercy to all creatures. We also want to inculcate the love for nature and the environment in all members of the society, especially the younger generation,” said Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti, general manager of Katara. 
The specially designed wooden boxes are available at Katara Building 15 for the public free of cost. “There is a growing demand for the boxes. More than 300 pieces have already been distributed,” said a source at Katara. Qatar, with its parks, gardens and growing green areas, is home to a rich variety of birds and also attracts a number of migratory birds every year.
“Katara, while designing its buildings and structures, has given utmost importance to environment and green areas. A large number of pigeons and other birds have been spotted in its surroundings. The Pigeon Tower in Katara is one of its most photographed tourist attractions,” the statement adds.

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