A celebration of burgers at new restaurant opened by Qatari entrepreneur
March 03 2018 09:54 PM
Le Hamburg restaurant in Al Nasr
Le Hamburg restaurant in Al Nasr


A Qatari entrepreneur has launched a new restaurant called Le Hamburg in the Al Nasr area of Doha, offering delicacies such as special burgers and juices.

The food on offer is "among the best in the town in its category", according to Abdulla al-Nasar, one of the partners of the restaurant.

Recalling how the idea came about and was eventually developed, al-Nasar said: “The idea of launching a food joint came to me a few years ago. We were impressed by a restaurant in London. We wanted to bring them here and went on discussing with them for almost two years.

"But they were not interested in going out of the UK and wanted to spread their activities only across London and other places in the UK. This made us think of other options and then we came up with the idea of starting a customised restaurant. Our partners agreed and we decided on our present project.”

Stressing that they "have made a customised plan for the restaurant inspired by a French concept", he said: "Burger is a favourite food item for the modern generation. We have also got a good location as Al Nasr is a very busy area that attracts a large number of people. We have made all the arrangements and the food we offer is one of the best in the town in its category. We will be catering especially to the younger generation and the joint will be open right from early afternoon until 2am."

The French-themed restaurant offers two signature burgers - Chicken El Classico and Paris Delice.

Chicken El Classico is served with crumbed chicken, white cheddar, crystal honey sauce and coleslaw while Paris Delice consists of beef bacon, American cheese, grilled mushroom and crystal honey sauce.

The restaurant officials claim that they are the "best burgers available in the market" and Le Hamburg will provide an "exciting new option for diners in the area". They also serve vegetable burgers as well as special juices.

“Le Hamburg is an exciting burger restaurant refined to satisfy diners’ tastes in the country. By serving made-to-order burgers combining the highest-quality raw produce with secret recipes to provide a mouth-watering menu, all burger connoisseurs will savour the taste,” a restaurant official added.

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