Customs officials foil attempts to smuggle drugs
March 14 2017 08:15 PM
Qatar - customs
GAC president Ahmed bin Abdullah al-Jammal and another official with the honoured officials.


The General Authority of Customs (GAC) has foiled various attempts to smuggle substantial quantities of illicit drugs into Qatar.
GAC president Ahmed bin Abdullah al-Jammal honoured 15 GAC officers and employees at Hamad International Airport (HIA), Airport Cargo, and Private Airports Customs Department for seizing 66kg of marijuana and 8kg of hashish. The seizures were made during operations at the airport, and postal packages coming into the country by ordinary and express mail.
The seizures at HIA alone amounted to 53kg of marijuana, 8kg of hashish and 5,600 pills of narcotics. The customs officers doubted the conduct of some travellers and searched their luggage.
When the bags were opened, various quantities of marijuana, ranging from 4-12kg, were found. They were wrapped in carbon paper as smugglers believe that doing so would make the drug packages undetected through the X-ray machines.

Some of the seized marijuana packages.

In addition, two seizures were made of 4kg each of hashish hidden in secret pockets in two different bags.
The quantities of illicit drugs seized at the Airport Cargo, and Private Airports Customs Department amounted to 12kg of marijuana and 102gm of hashish. These were found in postal packages coming from some African and European countries, containing wooden frames for art works. The drugs were concealed in secret pockets inside the frames.
Al-Jammal stressed that all the GAC officers and employees are highly efficient and serious about their work. GAC also has a high-level training programme which enhances the skills of the personnel to detect and seize any banned materials and items before entering the country.

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