Bone and Joint Centre goes live on Sunday with CIS programme
March 09 2016 11:49 PM

The Clinical Information System (CIS) is going live at the Bone and Joint Centre, part of Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), from Sunday, March 13.
The Centre will replace its existing paper patient clinical records system with a new electronic CIS.
This is part of a planned roll-out across HMC and the Primary Health Care Corporation ( PHCC).
Once the CIS implementation is complete, all patient records will be stored and accessed electronically across the two organisations.
This roll-out follows the successful CIS implementation at seven HMC hospitals, some paediatric emergency centres, some dialysis centres and a number of PHCC health centres across the country.
The CIS is a comprehensive system-wide implementation that has been designed in collaboration with clinicians.
As this is such a large project, a period of transition is expected, during which staff and patients will adjust to the new system.
Healthcare personnel will need to gather more information from the patients to register them in the new system and this may mean that appointments take a little longer than usual.
Bone and Joint Centre medical director Dr Mohammed al-Ateeq said: “My team and I are excited about the implementation of the CIS system, which will standardise processes and provide the best and safest patient care that we aspire for and are always working to achieve.”
The importance of an electronic medical records system was set out in the National Health Strategy for Qatar, launched in 2011.
To address this new national strategy, HMC and the PHCC launched the CIS programme in 2012.

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