'Surge seen in demand for Integrated Viral Protection products'
October 23 2021 06:41 PM
Nada Sayad
Nada Sayad

The novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has triggered a growing demand for Integrated Viral Protection (IVP) products in Qatar and other parts of the world, contributing significantly to prevent and fight the spread of emerging future viruses, according to Numbase Group.
“Given that Qatar has been an example for the world in leading the fight against Covid-19, IVP products can complement the efforts in this regard for the long term as this technology is a pre-emptive one,” Numbase Qatar COO Nada Sayad told Gulf Times.
“We already notice the huge demand for IVP in Qatar with many of the retail outlets, specifically those with waiting areas. Further, both the travel and room units are ideal for Majlis where gatherings take place.

IVP does not only kill Covid and Anthrax, but also all airborne particles down to 0.1 microns, which is a main differentiator against all other air purifiers
“Moreover, with life slowly going back to normal and exhibitions and weddings gradually rescheduled, IVP will be good to have to ensure full safety and reassurance of the quality of air and wellbeing of participants and guests,” she noted.
Launched by leading innovators, scientists and engineers, she pointed out that IVP is the only technology that can kill Covid-19 instantly in a single pass of air (99.999%). This biodefense technology is engineered to eliminate pollutants and airborne pathogens instantaneously and is scientifically proven to disinfect and clean air at a microscopic level.
Sayad said such innovative and backed by science technology has been endorsed by leading technology and engineering and educational entities, among which are MIT, Texas A&M, University of Houston Centre for Superconductivity, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and Galveston National Library, among others.

Numbase Group acquired exclusive distribution for IVP products in the UK, Turkey and the GCC region. -Screengrab from the website

“The game-changer of this technology is that it catches and kills the virus: it has a heated filter with a metal mesh foam to ‘catch and kill’ viruses of all species, along with other air pollutants, such as allergens and molds.
“This heated filtration system is the first to show actual Sars-2-Covid, to be destroyed instantly in a single pass, without heating ambient air. This by itself is a key unique feature as most air purifiers either do not kill the virus or need at least 30 minutes to start operations.
“The technology targets air transmission to eliminate the virus, disinfect the air and reduce a building's reliance on outside air mix. In so doing, recirculating clean fresh, viral-free air helps conserve energy, it has powerful circulation up to 1,800 CFM (higher than ASHRAE recirculation standards),” Sayad explained.
She stressed that IVP does not only kill Covid and Anthrax, but also all airborne particles down to 0.1 microns, which is a main differentiator against all other air purifiers, “so we are talking about: chickenpox, measles, rotavirus, influenza, rhinovirus, mumps, smallpox, tuberculosis, MERS, dust Mite, seasonal allergies, etc.
“It is a breakthrough for indoor air purification, knowing that his part of the world, nine out of 12 months of the year we spend it actually indoors.”
“IVP is technology built with the safety and wellbeing of people in mind. Dr Mounzer Hourani, an American engineer and inventor of Lebanese origins invented this biodefense technology with the help and support of renowned scientists and engineers in Houston, Texas."
According to Sayad, there are three sizes of the machines, along with a retrofit solution for HVAC:
·         The Travel unit: which can be moved from a room to another and ideal for residential spaces, hotel rooms, personal meetings and get-togethers, ambulances, or covers an area of 25sqm is sold at QR4,500.
·         The Room unit: which can also be moved from room to room, is ideal for classrooms, majlis, office buildings, medical offices, emergency waiting rooms, retail outlets, restaurants and small theatres/cinemas, covers an area of 200sqm and is sold at QR18,500
·         The Venue unit: which has a powerful circulation up to 850cubic meter – over 3-5 times an hour (exceeding ASHRAE recommendations) and is built for large commercial spaces & facilities, used in theatres, convention centers, school gyms, concert and wedding halls and is sold at QR55,750.

Starting off as an international mobile value-added service provider, and growing into a key Global Referenced Group when it comes to Value Added Services (VAS) for Telecom, Numbase has evolved to offer a full spectrum of services to help businesses realise their full potential by establishing and sustaining a solid ecosystem with technology intrinsically nestled at the core of their transformation. It also locked strong partnerships, among which is Google Cloud alliance.
Apart from being a digital transformation hub, Sayad said Numbase is also actively present in other industries or trades. The Group has acquired exclusive distribution for IVP products in the UK, Turkey and the GCC region.

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