Community Police Department marks World Mental Health Day
October 15 2021 07:37 PM
Col. Dr Ibrahim Muhammad al-Samih
Col. Dr Ibrahim Muhammad al-Samih

On the occasion of World Mental Health Day, the Department of Community Police on Friday organised the first course in promoting behavioural science. The Ministry of Interior (MoI) tweeted that the course marked the participation of about 100 male and female social and psychological specialists in schools.
At the beginning of the course, Col. Dr Ibrahim Muhammad al-Samih, director of the Community Police Department, said the course aims to achieve the strategy of MoI in strengthening the relationship with the community. He added that this coincides with the celebration of World Mental Health Day.
The first session, presented by al-Samih, dealt with the concept of community police and its definition as a pioneering experience in many countries, and the consolidation of its function, explaining that the core work of community police is community service. The first session dealt with measuring the security awareness of the public.
There was an introductory presentation on the mechanism for receiving and following up on community police services through the Metrash2 application. It was presented by First Lieutenant Saleha Saad al-Fahad, awareness officer at the Community Police Department.

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