Qatar Airways joins ICAO Global Coalition for Sustainable Aviation
September 17 2021 06:33 PM
Qatar Airways joins ICAO Global Coalition for Sustainable Aviation


 Qatar Airways is the first airline in the Middle East to participate in the coalition

* The Global Coalition for Sustainable Aviation is a powerful ICAO platform to create synergies between the aviation stakeholders towards decarbonisation 

Qatar Airways on Friday announced its participation on the Global Coalition for Sustainable Aviation of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), becoming the first airline in the Middle East to join the global coalition, reaffirming its commitment to work together with the relevant industry stakeholders, such as manufacturers, academia, governments and non-government organisations towards aviation decarbonisation and promoting sustainable air transport.

The ICAO Global Coalition promotes sustainable international aviation, acting as a forum through which stakeholders can develop new ideas and accelerate innovative solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the source. It also aims to provide input into the development and implementation of a basket of measures and the exploration of a long-term environmental objective related to international aviation.

Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, HE Akbar Al Baker, said: “It is innovation that will drive the industry forward for a sustainable future. I strongly believe that the ICAO Global Coalition for Sustainable Aviation will allow industry-leading partners to pursue collaborative creation and drive innovation together. Qatar Airways is looking forward to being a strategic collaborator in the coalition. We expect to work together with other members in developing ideas and strategies to facilitate a further acceleration of innovative green technologies, taking us a step closer towards net zero emissions.”

The coalition includes stakeholders working on a broad array of topics related to sustainable aviation, including sustainable aviation fuels, infrastructure, operations, and technology, and it looks for trendsetters when identifying new potential members.

Its focus areas include, raising awareness of the continuing progress made towards in-sector CO2 emissions reduction from international aviation, building on existing leaderships and champions, as well as strengthening current partnerships and innovations.

Qatar Airways will to be able to share its past and ongoing measures and initiatives to tackle CO2 emissions, and provide valuable insights to all stakeholders, in order to contribute to the work led by ICAO. At the same time, we hope to inspire other industry partners to take a participative role towards our shared climate change goals.  

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