Ministry of Education issue Student Guide to universities, labour market
February 22 2021 11:58 PM
The Student Guide aims to educate students and parents on the various opportunities available after
The Student Guide aims to educate students and parents on the various opportunities available after


The Ministry of Education and Higher Education, represented by the Academic and Professional Counselling Department at the Educational Guidance Department, has issued a Student Guide, which prepares students for the university stage and the labour market for the academic year 2020-21.
The Student Guide aims to educate students and parents on the various opportunities available after high school, and to make the students aware of the importance of early readiness for admission to various local and overseas universities and colleges, as well as the importance of standardised tests for undergraduate admissions.
With a set of steps and directions, it guides students in choosing the right major.
It also includes an overview of the various universities and colleges within the country and their disciplines, in addition to admission requirements for each university or college separately.
It also contains electronic links for international standard tests, which form an important part in the student's documents for university admission, be it local or foreign universities and colleges. The tests such as IELTS or TOEFL which test students' English proficiency, SAT or ACT that test students' skills in mathematics, science and critical reading. predict students' readiness to join universities.
According to the Student Guide, students need to complete these tests before the 12th grade, as these will be required to apply to various universities.
The guide also includes advice for 10th grade students in choosing their educational path that suits their desires, abilities and future aspirations, and the role of parents in helping and shaping their children's orientations towards choosing the educational and university path through a set of steps.
The last section of the guide includes the government scholarship programme, which aims to provide specialised Qatari human cadres that meet the needs of the labour market. The Ministry of Education and Higher Education undertakes the tasks of providing guidance and scholarships for students, while the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs prepares the general policy for scholarships and co-ordinates with government entities to prepare their scholarship programmes according to their needs.
In addition, the guide touches on scholarships granted to international students, which are a form of financial support to help them continue university studies.
As for students wishing to join the military, this is done through the Unified Standing Committee for the Selection of Candidates for Military Officers.
The Student Guide also includes the links to some important websites such as those that contain an introduction to the various disciplines and professions and jobs that come under them, websites for registration in various foreign universities, and websites for international tests, as well as search engines for various universities and colleges around the world.

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