Strategy for eradicating unregulated markets
October 18 2020 11:32 PM
Hamad al-Shahwani
Hamad al-Shahwani

 A joint strategy of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI), Ministry of Interior (MoI) and municipalities aims to eradicate the phenomenon of unregulated, makeshift markets and street vendors across Doha city by the end of this year, an official has told local Arabic daily Arrayah.
Hamad al-Shahwani, director of the general control department at Doha Municipality, told the daily that the strategy has proven effective and helped unify efforts to deal with the issue, particularly at Souq Al Haraj in Najma, which is now well-organised and free of unregulated vendors.
The strategy has helped reduce the phenomenon by 85% compared to previous years, he said, stressing that intensive inspection campaigns focus on the Industrial Area, Doha Al Jadeed and Old Al Ghanim.
He said thanks to the co-operation between the MoI and municipalities, the violation of throwing waste from vehicles is detected through street cameras and videos of such offences are referred to the municipality concerned to take the necessary action.
Besides, the municipality has exerted great efforts to enforce the public hygiene law and remove abandoned vehicles through its intensive inspection campaigns.
A booklet was issued recently in three languages ??(Arabic, English and Urdu) for distribution among citizens and residents after identifying the most common violations of the public hygiene law. The booklet seeks to raise awareness of public hygiene and includes key details and aspects related to the issue.

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