QSRSN, Al Shafallah Centre organise Filografi workshop
July 14 2020 01:24 AM
Demonstration of Filografi during the workshop.


Qatar Society for Rehabilitation of Special Needs (QSRSN) organised a remote workshop on Filografi, which is the art of wires and nails.
The workshop was held in co-operation with Al Shafallah Center for Persons with Disability, which operates under the umbrella of Qatar Foundation for Social Work.
The workshop aimed at providing persons with disabilities with a set of skills, developing their mental and muscular abilities, linking them with the national heritage and teaching them how to make distinctive paintings through nails, wires and colours, in addition to investing their free time.
During the interactive workshop, fine artist Nada Othman Seddik, a specialist at the association’s educational and qualification centre, explained how to use strings and nails to draw a specific shape or plate and how to choose colours to create tools and panels that are easy to be implemented by people with various types of disabilities.
On this occasion, HE Chairman of QSRSN Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah al-Thani praised the spirit of co-operation between Al Shafallah Center and the QSRSN for the service of persons with disabilities in the state, saying that such distinguished and fruitful partnerships between the association and other bodies working in the disability field unite the efforts aiming to achieve a decent and safe life for persons with disabilities, guarantee the improvement of the performance and services provided to them and benefit the exchange of experiences among various institutions.

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