Qatar stresses importance of protecting women during crises
July 13 2020 11:58 PM
44th regular session of the Human Rights Council


Qatar stressed Monday the importance of protecting women and girls and guaranteeing their rights during crises resulting from conflicts and disasters.
This came in the statement of Qatar read out by Third Secretary in Qatar's Missions to the United Nations in Geneva Talal al-Naama, during the annual discussion on women's human rights as part of the 44th regular session of the Human Rights Council.
He gave an example citing natural disasters, saying the suffering of women compounds during those times due to their limited access to basic services such as education and healthcare, among others.
He added that women also pay the heaviest prices during times of armed conflicts due to the same reason, as well as the discrimination and violence they are subjected to.
He highlighted the lack of security, restriction of movement, and other burdens related to taking care of the family as a result of losing their breadwinner as other reasons.
He called on protecting women by enhancing accountability and better monitoring of the violations, while also developing programmes that cater to the needs of women.
He stressed the importance of involving women in the process of forming these policies and programmes.
Al-Naama concluded by saying they look forward to engaging in a dialogue on the role that accountability could play in protecting women and girls from violations they suffer from during times of armed conflict.

Last updated: July 13 2020 11:58 PM

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