“Think about what you have, not what you don’t have”
April 30 2020 12:03 AM
REALITY BITE: Ruba Osama trying to grasp harsh life on the other side of reality.

By Ruba Osama

Dear Diary,

Today, I was watching TV and noticed one thing: so many people have different rooms for almost everything!
I also noticed a big house in a magazine; it had a backyard and big rooms and all that I dream of.
All I have is a bunk bed, a desk for our books and accessories, a little wardrobe for a pantry and a small, covered area as a bathroom.
Here I am, writing in this diary with nothing but hope to rely on.
I miss going out to the junkyard and finding things to play with.
I miss running around the streets.
Pray that one day, I’ll have a bigger home.
Pray that one day, I will have more than hope to rely on.
Pray that one day, I can live a normal life.
A normal life with friends, a big house, games and hopefully, enough money to buy normal things.
I always hope that someone will notice us and treat us like normal people. 
I always tell myself that if I keep praying, my wish will come true at the best of times, when I need it the most.
Even though I have been waiting, I never lost hope that one day, at least one of these prayers will come true.
Until that day, I will just have to live like this.
I am grateful that I have things to keep me alive, but I can’t help wanting more.
These days, all I can do is sit here and pray that this coronavirus ends soon.
It’s been 35 days since I’ve seen sunlight, since there are no windows. I’m not even allowed to go and find some toys people leave behind anymore. 
All those people with big homes: would you be able to survive this?
I think everyone can, but if you are grateful, it will make you realise that there are people who have less.
I need to keep up my positivity, I need to keep hoping and praying for the best.
And I am sure that all this hoping will eventually pay off.
I am sure that I can survive this if I keep praying.
I have more positive thoughts than negative, and that is what’s keeping me healthy and grateful.
If anyone with luxury of any sort in their life is reading this, think about how many blessings you have and stay grateful.
Hope for the best, pray for the best, and you will eventually have the best you can, but it will be given to you at a time when you really need it.

The author is Chief Green Warrior, Green’s Better Student, Doha College.

Author’s note

This is not my life I am talking about, but I wrote this as a person who does have this life.
Many people have lives like how I have described.
After finding quarantine boring, my father showed me pictures of people with tiny rooms they call home.
I decided that other people who are bored in quarantine should know what it would be like if they had a house roughly the size of a bathroom.
I can only imagine what it would be like for those people, but I know it’s probably terrible.
It broke my heart to see people live like that while I have a wonderful house with so many blessings.
Many people have less than me and I want to help them, or at least show them that we care and we are trying our best to help them.
I want everyone reading to think about what it might be like being stuck in just one small room with all of your belongings.
It would be terrible, right?
Now think about what you have, not what you don’t have.
You will eventually realise that being grateful for what you have is the best feeling ever.
Think about all of this and spread this message when you see someone being ungrateful for what they have.

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