Easy-to-adopt AI security technology developed
November 24 2019 02:00 PM
AI security technology
AI security technology


A Japanese company has developed artificial intelligence technology that can be easily linked to security cameras to identify suspicious human behaviour.

Japanese Fujitsu's technology can analyse video footage and very accurately recognise about 100 types of behaviour, such as walking, running, and carrying an object. It can judge actions to be suspicious based on certain sequences of motions.

Fujitsu says surveillance cameras equipped with the technology can spot someone shoplifting at retailers. It adds that the technology can also contribute to marketing analysis by showing what products customers have taken from shelves, according to Japan's broadcaster (NHK World).

Fujitsu says the technology can examine actions, yet cannot identify people.

It takes several months to adopt similar conventional AI technologies as they need to go through huge amounts of behavioural data at each location they are to be introduced.

But the firm says it will take as little as a day to use its technology as it has already accumulated data on basic human motions.

Fujitsu plans to start marketing the technology to Japanese companies in the near future and also intends to promote it overseas. (QNA)

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